Special Seminar Release

Building Your Muscles, Flexing Your Perspective.


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With the onset of COVID19, many have been restricted to home workouts or have reservations about training regularly in their local gym. This seminar, delivered by ASP Master Head Coach Ben Siong to the Exercise Association of New Zealand, will provide some interesting, yet applicable principles for optimizing body composition, whether you decide to do so from home or the gym.

Content Covered

  • How to train smart and design smart programs – from “home-style” workouts to going back to your local gym
  • How to encourage and maximise compliance and results – both for yourself and your clients
  • Tackling the cycle of emotional eating and how to overcome it
  • How to better “sell” your services as a coach during this time, and how to spot a good coach for your goals and purposes

Who is this designed for?

  • Fitness enthusiasts looking for ways to optimize results regardless of their circumstances
  • Coaches & trainers looking for strategies to ensure they deliver the best results as possible to their clients, and continue to grow their business / income during these times
  • Anyone looking to better understand the cycle of emotional eating and how to overcome this hurdle and come out on top


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