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A Macro-Focused Approach Towards Athletic Periodization

LearnASP July 9, 2021
This seminar dives deep into understanding how to take a macro-focused approach to programming athletic periodization to maximize longevity in your sport.

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We are familiar with the concept of periods or blocks within a programming plan. Terms like the microcycle, mesocycle and the macrocycle are constantly being thrown around amongst strength and conditioning circles, yet how many coaches actually plan these training blocks effectively and put them in a purposeful succession towards peaking the athlete? 

One major reason why many periodization plans work well only in theory but not practice is because they are planned with the microcycle as the focus. In effective planning, the full picture needs to be seen and understood first before detail is added.

This seminar will cover the Macro-focused approach on planning – looking at the whole picture first, but with the end goal in mind. Specifically, we will delve into understanding what each period represents to the athlete in terms of training focus, exercise selection and other considerations. This information is key in laying down the all-important Macrocycle framework for specific planning within and between training phases.

Key Takeaways: