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The Hamstrings Cure: Training For Function & Aesthetics

LearnASP July 9, 2021
This seminar explores the importance of our hamstrings in both athletic performance and overall development, giving you the tools you need for a complete hamstring training protocol – from hypertrophy to sports function.
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Legs days always place a large emphasis on the quadriceps. Aesthetically, the aim is undoubtedly to grow and shape these lower “mirror” muscles with the goal of developing feathered sweeps and a bulbous VMO. From common and often misguided practice, most gym goers by default also place an additional focus on their quads through sets of half squatting. As such, it’s easy to overlook a major part of the lower half development – the hamstring muscles. 

As with sport, we see numerous hamstring injuries occur in running athletes largely because of under-training and the incomplete strength development for this muscle group. Not only does this do the lower half injustice from a functional perspective, it also keeps the legs looking 2-dimensional with a flat unimpressive posterior. So much for growing those legs! This is a look that all bodybuilders and female fitness athletes should avoid unless they are determined to place last.

This seminar focuses on the much-needed hamstring development for functional integrity, strength as well as aesthetics. There’s more to developing hamstrings than just the lying leg curl. We consider 10 important factors in a complete hamstring training protocol – from hypertrophy to sports function.

Key Takeaways: