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Rotator Cuff Focus: You Are As Strong As Your Weakest Link

LearnASP July 9, 2021
Shoulder injuries are one of the most commonly seen across all sports and training. This seminar dives deep into role of the rotator cuff and how to strengthen them to prevent injuries and support performance.
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The rotator cuff muscles are probably one of the most most neglected muscles in training. The strength ratio disparity between them and the stronger detoid muscles are a primary cause to shoulder imbalances, pain and injuries. 

Yet, when it comes to training methdology, it seems like all rotator cuff movements revolve just around a handful of exercises. Given that these muscles play a major role in stabalizing the shoulder capsule – a ball and socket joint, shouldn’t there a wider array of movements as well as a systematic progression methdology for it’s development?

This seminar will look into to the role of the rotator cuff muscles. We will identify the commonly performed exercises that could do more harm than good, and provide some considerations for strengthening the rotator cuff from rehab to explosive strength.

Key Takeaways: