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Omega 3′s: What’s All The Fuss?

LearnASP July 9, 2021
Everyone says that Omega-3s are good for you. But how does it work? This seminar gives you an in-depth understanding of this all important compound, and where to find the best sources of it.
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We hear about how good Omega-3s are for us, but what exactly does it do? From supplements, to its presence in specific foods, this miracle substance is not only seen as a prevention for many ailments, but a cure for some. 

Yet, little do we realise that Omega-3 is actually a fat – a macronutrient that has been given a “bad rep” from the mid-1990s to the early-2000s. How can something so bad be so good for us? Has science got it wrong or have our bodies simply evolved?

The seminar will look into all things Omega-3. From vegan to animal-based diets, we will delve into the types of available Omega 3s, it’s role in the body for health and body composition, as well as the best sources for its consumption.

Key Takeaways: