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Green Smarts: What You Should Know On A Vegan Diet

LearnASP July 9, 2021
Looking to start or already on a plant-based diet? This seminar will explore the pros and cons, and how you can optimize your nutrition on a plant-based lifestye.
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With the recent launch of the documentary “Game Changers”, many have adopted a plant-based lifestyle. Perhaps it’s the science that has been cited, the compelling storyline, or even the ethics of it. But to many, it appears that the need to be 100% plant fuelled is somewhat non-negotiable. 

Yet, how exactly does a vegan lifestyle scientifically impact our physiology? Is it really as simple as changing over to a plant-based diet to revitalise your health as portrayed or is there more to it?

Given the stressed and polluted environment we live in, there is an increased demand for nutrients to support optimal health. This means an increased need to understand what our individual bodies require and whether the foods we consume have the required nutrition.

As such, this seminar aims to shed some information on the benefits, contraindications, and possible solutions on embarking on a plant-based diet.

Key Takeaways: