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Detox Trends: Do They Really Work?

LearnASP July 9, 2021
We’ve all heard about one form of detox or another. But do these “detoxes” actually work? We take a deeper look into the science behind detox trends and how they relate to your physique goals.
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This idea of actively detoxing is rapidly growing in popularity. From supplements, herbs, and spas to fasting rituals, and liquid enemas – we are bombarded with information on the need to purge our body from the chemicals we accumulate daily. 

Yet, is there any truth to these methods and are they really necessary? The confusion is only compounded by endorsements from celebrities and social media influencers who push detoxes as the new way to being skinny and healthy. Consequently, we buy into a brand and aesthetic association, rather than the science.

This seminar will investigate the science of detoxes. What exactly constitutes detoxification, what are some of the most popular detox trends and the actual scientific validation for their claims, as well as provide simple solutions to make detoxification more effective.

Key Takeaways: