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Brain Hacks: Cognitive Nutrition For Performance

LearnASP July 9, 2021
This seminar will delve deep into the importance of neurotransmitters and brain function – and how you can hack them for optimal performance!
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Hollywood movies such as “Limitless” portray the idea of a smart drug that can drastically enhance the senses, giving a person the supernatural ability to think and perform. It’s a fictionalized story with an element of truth – one that’s based on the rapidly growing science of “brain-hacking”. 

Brain-hacking is a new-age concept of using measured methods to optimize brain function for a specific purpose. This could be for mood elevation, information processing, motivation, motor efficiency and even enhancing training and strength development.

With the prospect of a superior brain, who wouldn’t want to unlock the secrets to the body’s ultimate potential, increasing efficiency and productivity with much less time and effort?
This seminar will delve into 8 methods for biohacking the brain – outsmarting the body’s supercomputer to create a SUPER YOU.

Key Takeaways: