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Who is this for?
  • Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike, who want to learn more, cut through the confusion from common training and diet myths, get down to the science of how to take their training and nutrition specificity to the next level.
  • Fitness professionals, such as athletes, coaches and trainers.
  • Bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors.
None! Our online Seminars and Masterclass Courses are designed for participants of all levels.

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Masterclass Courses

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Online Seminars vs. Online Masterclass Courses
a) Our online Seminars deliver bite-sized information through 30-40min long seminars that give you a different perspective of health & fitness. We have 20 seminars arranged into 4 separate series. b) Our online Masterclass Courses are in-depth, widely accredited programs that give you end-to-end science-based learning. Suitable for fitness professionals & enthusiasts alike.
Seminars: Each lesson within a bundle includes an in-depth, professionally produced video that discusses the topic in detail. This will also be accompanied by introductory notes, key takeaways, and a quiz at the end to reinforce learning. Masterclass Courses: Each online Masterclass Course comes with extensive video content, an in-depth digital course manual, and a comprehensive online assessment for certification.
Seminars: Each series includes five 3-4 hours of video content. Participants can pause and resume videos at any point after enrolment. Participants also get unlimited access to lessons they have enrolled in. Masterclass Courses: Masterclass Courses include up to 15 hours of video content. Participants have 3 months from date of purchase to access course material and complete assessment for certification.
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  • Our online Seminars & Masterclass Courses are designed to help participants gain a deeper understanding of topics covered, enriching their knowledge for both personal and professional development.
  • Students will receive an ASP Education International certificate, which is certified by various health & fitness bodies, upon successful completion of the content & assessment.

All quizzes and assessments in the Seminars and Masterclass courses have a total of 3 attempts. Upon meeting the passing requirements, you will receive a digital certificate.

In the event you do not meet the passing requirements on all 3 attempts, you will be unable to claim your certificate. If additional attempts are required, a re-sit will be required, where you will be charged the following rates:

  • Seminars: 25% of the Seminar Retail Price
  • Masterclass: USD100 flat rate that will grant you 4 week access to the material to revisit and re-sit
Payment is accepted via Stripe.
Refunds can be processed if proof that the subject or lesson purchased could not be delivered or was broken, and could not be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Course Taking

  • Option 1: Access via profile
    1. Once logged-in, navigate to the top-right hand corner and click on your name
    2. Under the profile drop-down selection, click on Course > My Courses
    3. Once on the course page, click on Start Course on the right-hand pane

Option 2: Access via course overview

  1. Click on Seminars OR Masterclass on the navigation bar
  2. Click on the course that you would like to start
  3. On the right-hand pane, click on Start Course

  1. Navigate to your desired course through either:
    • Option 1: Access via profile OR
    • Option 2: Access via course overview
  2. Click on the course that you would like to start

On the right-hand pane, click on Continue

Course Progress and Certificates

  1. Under the profile drop-down selection, click on Courses > My Courses
  2. The completion rate will be displayed below the title of each Seminar / Masterclass Course that you have purchased
  3. Reminder: Click on “Complete” at the bottom of each lecture to register progress

  1. Under the profile drop-down selection, click on Courses > My Courses
  2. Your earned certificates can be viewed by clicking on the Download icon under each Seminar / Masterclass Course title

Note: For Masterclass courses, the ACE certificate will not be available for download via your profile. In order to claim, please send a screenshot of your LearnASP certificate and email to support@learn-asp.com