Masterclass Courses: Physique Transformation Level 1

LearnASP · July 2, 2021
What does it take to transform a physique? From fad diets and pills, to magazine training regimes and ab gizmos, I’m sure we’ve all tried something and are now a little wiser to what works and what doesn’t.

Yet, one method that could work for one person, is just as likely to be another’s downfall. So, if you’ve hit a plateau, are unsure where to begin or just want to be more specific in your approach, then this course is ideal in giving you the necessary tools and will teach you how to use it effectively. 

This in-depth 6 HOUR course provides a deeper understanding on the science of fat loss, muscle gain, as well as other physiological factors to consider for an optimal physique transformation. It delves more specifically into program design, training protocols, nutrition, supplementation and the appropriate application of protocols. It also includes a practical training session where participants will be trained according to the scientific theories they have just learnt to reinforce their understanding.

No prerequisites needed.


Each Masterclass will have its own assessment with a passing grade of 90%. You will only be allowed 2 attempts to complete the assessment. 

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will automatically be issued a LearnASP certificate. For further instructions on how to claim your certificate, click here. To claim your ACE certificate, please take a screenshot of your LearnASP certificate and email to support@learn-asp.com.

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    Program design for specific muscle gain and fat loss
    Individualisation of specific training protocols
    Common mistakes in the fat loss equation and the effects on gender differences
    Digestion and effective nutrient assimilation
    Gut health, fat loss and muscle gain
    Gut health, fat loss and muscle gain
    Supplementation and nutrient timing
    Mindset and physique maintenance