Masterclass Courses: Fat Loss Specialization

LearnASP · June 30, 2021
Designed to provide you with the tools you can use in taking a tailored approach towards your or your clients’ fat loss goals.
The Masterclass Course will compare concepts, fads, proven methodologies, and scientific findings – weighing up which are effective and which ones are not. Whether it’s general fat loss goals or something more advanced like dropping the last 3% body fat for a physique competition, this course will be your guide on ‘HOW TO’.

No prerequisites needed.


Each Masterclass will have its own assessment with a passing grade of 90%. You will only be allowed 2 attempts to complete the assessment. 

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will automatically be issued a LearnASP certificate. For further instructions on how to claim your certificate, click here. To claim your ACE certificate, please take a screenshot of your LearnASP certificate and email to support@learn-asp.com.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate

    Training variables that should be considered for fat loss specific programming
    Specific training methodologies and protocols
    Physiological variables like inflammation, stress, liver health, detoxification, sleep, digestion, etc., and their role in affecting the rate of fat loss
    Gender differences, hormones and their role in fat loss
    Optimal nutrition and debunking nutritional myths
    Supplementation – their sources and application
    Mindset and compliance – how to make a fat loss plan work
    The immediate application of theories through actual case studies and examples