Physique Transformation Level 1

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What does it take to transform a physique? From fad diets and pills to magazine training regimes and ab gizmos, I’m sure we’ve all tried something and are now a little wiser to what works and what doesn’t.

Yet, one method that could work for one person, is just as likely to be another’s downfall. So, if you’ve hit a plateau, are unsure where to begin, or just want to be more specific in your approach, then this course is ideal in giving you the necessary tools and will teach you how to use them effectively.

This course provides a more in-depth understanding of the science of fat loss, muscle gain as well as other physiological factors to consider for an optimal physique transformation. It delves more specifically into program design, training protocols, nutrition, supplementation, and the appropriate application of protocols. It also includes a practical training session where participants will be trained according to the scientific theories they have just learned to reinforce their understanding.


  • Program design for specific muscle gain and fat loss
  • Individualization of specific training protocols
  • Common mistakes in the fat loss equation and the effects on gender differences
  • Physiological factors to consider:
    • Digestion and effective nutrient assimilation
    • Gut health, fat loss, and muscle gain
    • Nutrition and the role of calories – is that the be-all and end-all?
    • Supplementation and nutrient timing
  • Mindset and physique maintenance
  • Application of theory into training protocols

Who is this course designed for?

  • Fitness professionals, such as athletes, coaches, and trainers
  • Bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more and take their knowledge and training specificity to the next level


  • None

Certifications and Points

  • REPSUAE (Register of Exercise Professionals – UAE): 7 CPD
  • REPSNZ (Register of Exercise Professionals – New Zealand): 5 CPD
  • AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America): 7 CEU
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) : 7 CEU
  • PTA Global (Personal Training Academy Global): 7 CEC
  • PAA (Physical Activity Australia): 2 PDP