ASP Education International is the education arm of the Australian Strength Performance brand. Founded in 2013, its purpose is to support, teach, and empower individuals to think critically, individualize solutions, and create their best results.

Currently, Founder and Master Strength Coach Ben and his team of coaches have delivered seminars and courses in over 15 countries spanning Australia and New Zealand, South-East Asia, Canada and the Middle East. The range of training courses cover topics from HYPERTROPHY, FAT-LOSS & PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION, NUTRITION and COACHING.

Internationally recognised and accredited through leading health associations, our education systems are aimed at translating science and empirical research into practical and applicable information that is 100% results driven.

ASP Education Online is the next chapter in allowing our passion for important health knowledge to be shared – setting the standards for fitness education worldwide!

Our Philosophy

Some say knowledge is power, but at ASP Education International, we believe that it’s the application of knowledge that is power.



“Make fitness a lifestyle change, not a band-aid.”

Benjamin Siong

Benjamin Siong, Founder and Master Strength Coach of ASP